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Elizabeth Hoyt is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of historical romance, including reader favorite, The Raven Prince.

Elizabeth was born in New Orleans but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was fortunate to be able to travel extensively as a child, visiting St. Andrews, Scotland; Germany; France; and Belgium. She spent a year in Oxford, England and was a summer exchange student to Kawasaki, Japan.



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Elizabeth has a BA in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and, as a result of having no clue what to do with her life thereafter, a career history as a barista, a (terrible) sales clerk, a Wisconsin Revenue Service data entry slave, and an archeological field work grunt. Fortunately, Elizabeth married relatively young and produced two children who kept her busy until her mid-thirties. At about this time, when her youngest was entering Kindergarten, Elizabeth’s mother hinted that perhaps Elizabeth should get a Real Job.

Sadly, Elizabeth was so delusional she thought writing a romance novel might qualify as a Real Job.

But! Five years later, to everyone’s surprise, she actually sold that romance novel (The Raven Prince) and began a rather successful career as a Romance Novelist. This was most fortunate since Elizabeth is singularly unqualified to do anything else but Make Up Stories.

Since then Elizabeth has written thirteen books to critical acclaim: The Prince Trilogy (The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, and The Serpent Prince); the Legend of the Four Soldiers series (To Taste Temptation, To Seduce a Sinner, To Beguile a Beast, and To Desire a Devil); and the Maiden Lane series (Wicked Intentions, Notorious Pleasures, Scandalous Desires, Thief of Shadows, Lord of Darkness, and the upcoming Duke of Midnight .) All of Elizabeth’s books are set in eighteenth century England and all feature a fairy tale story that serves as a foil to the main story.

Elizabeth lives in central Illinois with a pack of untrained canines and a garden in constant need of weeding.


Elizabeth Hoyt FAQs

The Princes Trilogy FAQs

Q. Is there a book where I can find the fairy tales you feature in your books?

The Raven Prince The Leopard Prince The Serpent Prince

A. No. I write the fairy tales all myself. Like all fairy tales, however, they are inspired by other tales. Here’s a list of inspirations:

  • For The Raven Prince: the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros and “The Princess Golden-Hair and the Great Black Raven,” a fairy tale by Howard Pyle in his book The Wonder Clock (now out of print.)
  • For The Leopard Prince: “The Water of Life” from The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle.
  • For The Serpent Prince: very, very vaguely “The Goose-Girl” fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm.

Q. Will you be writing about any of the secondary characters from the Princes Trilogy? (Coral from The Raven Prince, Georgina’s brothers from The Leopard Prince, Violet and Bennet from The Leopard Prince or Christian from The Serpent Prince)

A. Sadly, for most of the characters, the short answer is no. I’m very, very flattered that readers have connected so strongly with my secondary characters. I have to admit that when I wrote some of them—particularly the secondary characters in The Leopard Prince—I had some vague idea of doing sequel books. My writing led me in another direction, however, and I have no plans at the moment to write about any of these characters in a full length book.

However, Coral Smythe, the Aphrodite from Aphrodite’s Grotto in The Raven Prince has her own story! Please go to The Ice Princess page for more details.

Q. Do I have to read the Princes trilogy in order?

A. Nope!

Q. Why have the Princes Trilogy books been re-released with new covers?

A. After only a couple of years books become very difficult to find on bookstore shelves. One way of making sure that bookstores stock the books is to re-release them. The "rebooted" covers also feature updated author information (I'm a New York Times Bestselling author now!) and thematically go together better. Please note that if you scroll over the new Prince covers here and on my books page, the old cover is revealed. If you aren't certain if you've read the book before, this is one way to check. Another is to look on the copyright page in the book-the original date of copyright is listed there.



The Legend of the Four Soldiers FAQs

Q. Who are the male cover models in the stepbacks?

Q. Is the Spinner’s Falls massacre based on a real event?

A. Yes. It’s vaguely based on two British defeats during the French and Indian War. The first is the massacre of the surrendering British at Fort William Henry in August 1757 (read the Wikipedia entry here.) This is also the massacre that was featured in the Daniel Day-Lewis movie, The Last of the Mohicans.

The second defeat is called either The Battle of Monongahela or Braddock’s Defeat and took place in July 1755 (read the Wikipedia entry here.) General Edward Braddock was leading two regiments in an attempt to capture a French Fort. Braddock ordered a road made to the fort and his troops became fatally strung out along the narrow road. When they were attacked by the French and their Indian allies, Braddock himself was shot off his horse. He died in the retreat led by George Washington--then a colonel in the British army--and was buried secretly along the road so his body wouldn’t be dug up and desecrated. Almost a third of the approximately 1,500 men on the British side died, with another third wounded.

Q. Will Rebecca and Gil O’Hare from To Taste Temptation get their own book?

A. No, but they are featured in the final Legend of the Four Soldiers book, To Desire a Devil.

Q. What are the inspirations for the fairy tales in The Legend of the Four Soldiers books?

  • For Iron Heart in To Taste Temptation: The Welsh myth of Prince Llewellyn’s dog Gelert and “The Seven Swans” fairy tale.
  • For Laughing Jack in To Seduce A Sinner: A short fairy tale by Oscar Wilde called “The Birthday of the Infanta.”
  • For Truth Teller inTo Beguile a Beast: Beauty and the Beast.
  • For Longsword in To Desire a Devil: most legends involving a magical sword.

Q. Should I read the Legend of the Four Soldiers series in order?

A. Many readers don't read the series in order, but there is a running mystery through the four books, so yes, it's better to read them in order.


The Maiden Lane Series FAQs

Devin EldridgeNotorious PleasuresEmmanual Fremin

Thief of ShadowsLord of Darkness


Devin EldridgeNotorious PleasuresEmmanual Fremin

Emmanual FreminLord of Darkness

Q. Who are the male cover models?

A. Wicked Intentions: Devin Eldridge
A. Scandalous Desires: Emmanual Fremin

Q. Should the Maiden Lane series be read in order?

A. Yes. ;-)

Q. Will Asa Makepeace get his own story?

A. Yes, eventually. ;-)

Q. Will Phoebe get her own book?

A. Yes, but not for a while.






General FAQs

Q. Who are your favorite authors?

A. I read a lot and I read across genres, so my favorite author list is kind of eclectic and constantly changing. Here are a few authors I’ve read recently: Linda Howard, Nalini Singh, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Jim Butcher, J.R. Ward, Connie Brockway, Christina Dodd. Robert B. Parker, and Elizabeth Bevarly. See my Book of the Month page for books I’ve recommended.

Q. What are you working on now?

A. Book 6 of the Maiden Lane series: Duke of Midnight, Coming out October 2013.

Q. Do you write under another name?

A. Yes. I write fun contemporary romances under the name Julia Harper.

Q. Have you been writing long?

A. About ten years.

Q. What made you start writing?

A. I was a stay-at-home mother with two children, so I didn’t have a “real” job—not one that paid money, anyway. When my youngest started kindergarten I was thirty-five and it occurred to me that I would never have a chance like this again to try writing. I gave myself permission to take five years to try and write a book and get it published. As it turned out, I didn’t quite make that deadline—I got an offer for that first book, The Raven Prince, a week past my fortieth birthday.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. This is always a hard question for a writer to answer. The fact is, we have ideas coming out of our ears. For years I thought everyone went around with weird stories floating in their heads. ;-)

Q. What’s a typical work day like for you?

A. I find that I work better out of my house, so most days I meet my critique partner at a coffee house and we write on laptops there. We usually write for four or five hours, but there have been days that we’re there from nine a.m. to five p.m. Of course, there’s also days when the most I get done is reading the newspaper!

Q. How can I be notified when your new books come out?

A. Easy! Sign up for my e-newsletter. My e-newsletter readers get to read excerpts and news ahead of everyone else and I also draw a prize winner every month from my newsletter subscribers.

Q. I’m thinking about writing a romance novel. Do you have any advice?

A. Of course!

  • Write every day, even if it’s only a sentence or two.


That’s how I learned to write. Seriously!



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