Adam Rutledge, Viscount d'Arque

Viscount d’Arque is a charming, devil-may-care rake with a talent for double entendres…until tragedy strikes.

Appears in Thief of Shadows, Lord of Darkness, and Once Upon a Moonlit Night.

* * *

The viscount shrugged indolently. “Perhaps I’ve discovered a newfound urge to do good works?”

“Or perhaps you have an interest in something else in St. Giles?” Winter asked softly.

D’Arque’s brows knit in puzzlement, and Isabel looked up at Winter sharply. 

“Such as?” the viscount drawled. “Do you accuse me of a secret taste for gin?”

It was Winter’s turn to shrug. “There are other things to consume in St. Giles besides gin. Girls, for instance.”

D’Arque’s brows slowly arched. “Surely you don’t think I prefer boys?”

“I have no idea,” Winter said coolly. “I don’t know you, after all, my lord, and there are some who are so depraved as to enjoy debauching children.” 

“I do assure you that I like my females fully ah, matured.” The viscount cast Isabel a significant glance.

She arched a brow and looked away.

D’Arque suddenly clapped his hands, the gesture so abrupt and violent that Lady Margaret, standing beside him, shied. He was a man who had a well-established polite facade, but there was real anger now in his light gray eyes. 

“Come,” the viscount cried. “Let us put our social skills, mine and Mr. Makepeace’s, to the test. I propose a contest of gentlemanly manners with an evening at the opera the first playing field. What say you, Makepeace?”

–from Thief of Shadows