Amelia Huntington, Baroness Caire

Lady Caire is a haughty society matron and the mother of Lord Caire.

Appears in Wicked IntentionsScandalous DesiresThief of ShadowsLord of DarknessDuke of MidnightDearest RogueSweetest Scoundrel, and Duke of Sin.

* * *

Amelia Huntington, Baroness Caire entered the room as she always did–pausing just a fraction of a second inside the doorway to let the full impact of her beauty fill those within with awe. 

Lazarus yawned.

She tittered, the sound not quite hiding the anger beneath. “Have you lost all sense of propriety, my son? Or is it fashionable now to no longer rise on a lady’s entrance?”

He rose with just enough languor to make the movement an insult, and then bowed as briefly as possible. “What do you want, my lady?”

Which was a mistake, of course. Showing his impatience only gave her reason to draw this meeting out.

“Oh, Lazarus, must you be so rude?” She lowered herself to carefully lounge on one of the delicately painted settees. “It becomes tiresome. I’ve ordered tea and cakes and such”—she waved a hand vaguely—”so you must to stay for that at least.”

“Must I?” he asked softly, the edge in his voice making the two words grit.

A fleeting look of uncertainty crossed her beautiful face, but then she said firmly, “Oh, I think so.”

Lazarus sat back down, conceding for the moment to his lovely, vapid mother. He watched her as they waited for the promised tea. He hated tea, he always had. Did she not know or—more likely—did she serve it to him merely to provoke? 

Lady Caire had been a famous beauty in her youth and time had been gracious to her. Her face was a perfect, serene oval, her neck long and graceful. Her eyes were like his–a clear blue, faintly tilted at the corners. The forehead above was white and unmarred. Her hair was the same startlingly premature white as his own, but instead of trying to color it or wearing a wig, she flaunted the unusual color. She favored dark blue gowns to highlight the white and wore black or dark blue caps, decorated with lace and jewels.

She had always known how best to draw the eye.

–from Wicked Intentions