Bridget Crumb

Bridget is the formidably competent housekeeper for the Duke of Montgomery.

Heroine of Duke of Sin.

Also appears in Lord of Darkness and Sweetest Scoundrel.

* * *

Bridget Crumb kept the house of the wickedest man in England. 

Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery, was handsome to the point of near-feminine beauty, powerful, wealthy, and completely—as far as she could see—without morals. She’d been hired only weeks before the duke’s exile from the country. One of his many minions had discovered her reputation—as the best housekeeper in London—and had offered her double the wage she’d been earning as Lady Margaret St. John’s housekeeper. Though truth be told the money had been only one of the reasons Bridget had promptly taken the job. In that short time before Montgomery had left for Europe he’d spoken directly to her exactly once—when he’d absently inquired what had happened to his butler. She’d told him politely that the man had decided to return to his birthplace in Wales. Which was, strictly speaking, true, although by no means the entire truth, since she’d certainly encouraged the butler in his dreams of retiring to become a shopkeeper.

She’d also omitted to explain that she hadn’t hired a replacement butler. Why bring in another male servant who might challenge her authority?

Now Bridget had complete charge of Hermes House—the duke’s London town house—which was quite convenient considering her other reasons for agreeing to come into the duke’s employment. 

–from Sweetest Scoundrel