Captain James Trevillion

Captain Trevillion is the stern captain of the dragoon regiment sent to clean up St. Giles.

Hero of Dearest Rogue, also appears in Sweetest Scoundrel.

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* * *

A trio of mounted soldiers pulled their horses to a halt before the home. The lead soldier, riding a huge black horse nodded formally. 

“Sir, ladies. Have I the honor of addressing Mr. Winter Makepeace?”

Winter felt everything within him still. He looked up into the man’s face. The officer wore the standard white wig like his men. Beneath, his pale blue eyes were sharp and intelligent. His face was long, with deep lines incised on either side of his mouth, giving the impression of a man who had been so hardened by life that he no longer made concessions for those less capable than himself.

“I am Winter Makepeace.”

The officer nodded. “Permit me then to introduce myself. I am Captain James Trevillion of the 4th Dragoons.”

“How do you do?” Winter said quietly. The ladies still stood by him, looking curiously up at the soldiers, but he made no move to introduce them to Captain Trevillion.

The other man noticed the omission with a tightening of his thin lips. “My men and I have orders to arrest any criminals we discover in St. Giles, with particular attention paid to the murderer called the Ghost of St. Giles.”

“Murderer?” Nell exclaimed. “But the Ghost has never been proved to murder anyone!”

Captain Trevillion turned his gimlet eyes on the maidservant. “He can defend himself in a court of law.”

–from Scandalous Desires