Mary Whitsun

Mary Whitsun is the eldest orphan at the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children. It’s time she was apprenticed out, but can the home—and Temperance Dews’ heart—survive without her?

Appears in Wicked IntentionsNotorious PleasuresScandalous DesiresThief of Shadows, and Lord of Darkness

* * *

Temperance opened the door to the girls’ dormitory and a small face immediately popped off a pillow.

“Did you get ‘er, ma’am?” Mary Whitsun whispered hoarsely. 

She was the eldest of the girls in the foundling home, named for the Whitsunday morning nine years before when she’d been brought to the home as a child of three. Young though Mary Whitsun was, Temperance had to sometimes leave her in charge of the other children—as she’d had to tonight.

“Yes, Mary,” Temperance whispered back. “Nell and I brought the babe home safely.”

“I’m glad.” Mary Whitsun yawned widely.

“You did well watching the children,” Temperance whispered. “Now sleep. A new day will be here soon.”

Mary Whitsun nodded sleepily and closed her eyes. 

–from Wicked Intentions