Mignon is the adored pet of Cousin Bathilda in Notorious Pleasures. She’s a small spaniel, probably very similar to the modern King Charles spaniel. Little lapdogs were extremely popular with ladies in the Georgian era and one can often see them in portraits from the era.

Mignon—rather like her mistress—is elderly, somewhat prickly, but very sweet underneath. Here’s an excerpt from Notorious Pleasures featuring her:

“This is Lord Reading, Cousin Bathilda,” Lady Phoebe murmured. “My lord, this is my cousin, Miss Bathilda Picklewood.”

Miss Picklewood dipped into a creaking curtsy as he bowed. “We shall have to tell Panders that there is one more for luncheon.”

“I’ll try not to eat too much.” Griffin said lightly. “What a pretty little spaniel.”

“She is, isn’t she?” Miss Picklewood had actually pinkened. She stroked the spaniel’s head and it interrupted its rumbling to lick her fingers. “Would you like to pet Mignon?”

“Ah.” Griffin examined the dog warily. It hadn’t started growling again, but then its protuberant brown eyes didn’t look particularly friendly either. 

Beside him, Lady Phoebe’s eyes were positively dancing behind her spectacles. “Don’t be frightened. If she bites we’ll send for a doctor, I assure you.”

“Bloodthirsty baggage,” Griffin muttered under his breath before extending a hand toward the dog’s nose. If he were going to be bitten he might as well get it over with. “Mademoiselle Mignon.”

The spaniel sniffed daintily and then opened her mouth in a doggy grin as he gingerly fondled her ears.

“I don’t understand it,” Miss Picklewood said. “She usually hates gentlemen.”

Griffin’s outraged gaze flew to Lady Phoebe’s own and she covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. 

The girl shrugged. “She’s never actually bitten a gentleman before. Just threatened to.”