Dodo is the boon companion of a little girl named Peaches in Thief of Shadows. Like her mistress, Dodo is found in an alley in St. Giles—the worst part of London. Fortunately they are discovered by Winter Makepeace and taken to the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children. Dodo’s appearance is not auspicious: she’s a grimy gray and rather smelly. But after a thorough washing Dodo emerges a small, snowy white terrier.

Here’s a taste of Dodo from Thief of Shadows:

Winter sighed gently. “What else has happened at the Home whilst I was away today?”

“Dodo got in a fight with Soot,” Joseph Smith said. 

“Aye!” Henry Putman waved his spoon, nearly getting stew in Joseph Chance’s hair. “Dodo came into the kitchen and went too close to Soot—he was sleeping by the fireplace. And Soot leapt up and scratched Dodo’s nose. But Dodo fought back and barked until Soot ran outside.”

Winter raised his eyebrows. “Indeed? That was quite brave of Dodo. I didn’t know he’d ventured out of Peach’s room.”

“She,” Joseph Tinbox said. “Dodo is a lady dog.”

“Is she?” Winter pulled apart his bread.

“Aye,” Joseph Tinbox said, “and she likes cheese ever so much.”

“Hmm.” Winter cast a stern eye on the boy. “Dogs often like cheese, but it doesn’t always like them. Besides, we don’t want to waste good cheese on a dog, do we?”

“Noooo,” Joseph drew out the negative as if uncertain that he agreed.