Advice for the Landowning Lady

Gentle Reader,

Whilst going through some old papers I found the pamphlet below. Although the author chose to remain anonymous, I have reason to believe that Lady Georgina Maitland, my heroine from The Leopard Prince, in fact wrote it.

Yours Most Sincerely, Elizabeth

Advice for the Landowning Lady of Means on the Hiring of Land Stewards 
by an Anonymous Lady Who Knows

1. When hiring a steward the genteel lady should keep in mind that there are many Aesthetically Pleasing gentlemen who are just as much in need of work as those that are older, surlier, and not nearly as pleasant to look upon. It is your duty to hire them.

2. The Feminine Employer should remember that it is she who is in charge. Do not be afraid to issue orders to your Male Employee, although there are times when it may be to your advantage to permit your steward to issue orders to you.

3. Do not under any circumstances enter into an Intimate Relationship with your land steward.

4. However, should you succumb to broad shoulders, a dry tone, and a knowing gaze, do try to be discrete.

5. Whatever you do, do not let your brothers become aware of the liaison.

6. Or your sister.

7. Or your aunt, your family friends, your lady’s maid, or indeed any of the other servants, passing strangers, and the public in general. Discretion should be the watchword for the Genteel Lady desiring Further Acquaintance with her land steward.

8. It is This Author’s opinion that it is of Paramount Importance that the land steward be skilled in kissing and other Intimate Arts. She cannot stress this particular point enough. 

9. The Lady of Means should try to refrain from mooning about and thinking obsessively of her land steward. This behavior is apt to attract the notice of Other People. (see points 5, 6, & 7 above.)

10. Finally, the Genteel Lady Landowner must never, ever, fall in love with her land steward. That way lies disaster–or at least a very good book.

This article first appeared in the Warner April Dish.