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Kindle Preorders

I just turned in the galleys for Darling Beast which means we’re on track for release on October 14th. If you’d like to get an alert notice in your inbox on the day of the book’s release, sign up for my The Book is Out! newsblast.

Now for some slightly less fun news: my publisher is Hachette and at the moment Hachette and Amazon are squabbling. Amazon has decided to take down the pre-order links on all Hachette books for Kindle. I’m holding out hope that by the time Darling Beast is released all this will be resolved, but for the moment you can’t pre-order the book for Kindle. You can preorder Darling Beast in all other ebook formats and you can preorder it in paperback on Amazon and every other book retailer. You can also buy all my other books on Kindle—it’s just the preorder books that are affected. I’m sincerely sorry for this situation. I’ll be sure to post to Facebook, Twitter, my website, and in my newsletter to let you know when things are back to normal.

An Epilogue

Goodness! Duke of Midnight spent a second week on the New York Times bestseller list. Thank you to everyone who bought the book in whatever form you enjoy! ;-)

To celebrate reaching 100 Duke of Midnight reviews on Amazon, I’ve posted an epilogue for Scandalous Desires.


The Votes Are In!

I’ve promised to post a free online epilogue when my just released book, Duke of Midnight, reaches 100 reviews on Amazon. In the meantime, I asked for input from readers on which Maiden Lane book you’d like an epilogue for…and now the results are in!

Charming Mickey O’Connor and Silence‘s book, Scandalous Desires was far and away the winner!

Coming in pretty evenly in second place were Winter and Isabel in Thief of Shadows, and Maximus and Artemis in Duke of Midnight.

There were votes for every book in the Maiden Lane series and a small, but quite vocal minority wanted an epilogue for all the books with appearances by all the main couples. Hmm…well, you know Christmas is coming up and if you’re very, very good perhaps a small gift can be arranged. ;-)

In the meantime, I just noticed that Duke of Midnight has 74 reviews on Amazon in only the first week of release! I have two thoughts on this:

1. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post a review on Amazon, Goodreads or the book place of your choice! I’m very, very grateful for the support from all of my readers.


2. Meep! I’d better get writing that epilogue. ;-)