Chapter 8 of THE ICE PRINCESS!

We are making improvements to Hoyt Manor this summer. The old rotting front porch has been torn down and a new shiny one built in its place. I have no doubt that in time Hoyt Manor will look quite resplendent, but at the moment I have to confess to feeling some trepidation over the painting job–or lack thereof–of the workers. There seems to be quite a lot of messy drips about.

Meanwhile, I was quite excited to see the first tomato ripen in my garden–that is until Mr. Hoyt muttered something about bunnies. Apparently, this was not my first tomato of the year, it was simply the first I’d seen before the savage bunnies had torn it from the vine, taken one bite from it, thrown it to the side, and hopped away laughing maniacally. That was Mr. Hoyt’s version of events anyway. Mr. Hoyt has taken to picking the tomatoes green and bringing them inside to ripen on a windowsill, which seems to take the point out of “vine ripened.”

Finally, I have posted Chapter 8 of The Ice Princess as promised. It is, again, an adults-only chapter, so do be warned. Enjoy!