Darla is a Bassador. Don’t know what a Bassador is? Well, I didn’t either until the folks at the shelter informed me she was a cross between a Labrador and a Basset Hound. The result is basically a short Labrador with enormous paws. This led to Darla’s full name: Darla Petunia Puppypaws. 

Darla weighs about sixty pounds. She’s a quiet, slow moving dog until she catches sight of her favorite being in all the world—Ellie the Italian Greyhound. Ellie and Darla are a match made in canine heaven: Darla is big but gentle and Ellie is small but very silly. Ellie not only thinks she can wrestle a dog forty pounds heavier than she is, but she’s pretty sure she’s the boss of Darla too. Sometimes I glance around and see Darla looking bemused while Ellie ferociously attacks Darla’s back leg. 

Rue of course disapproves of all this frivolousness and often has to send both Ellie and Darla to theircorner for a time out. At some point in the future, it may occur to Darla that she’s four times heavier than Rue…but I’m not counting on it.