Rhaella the Dragon Queen, aka Ellie, aka “Miss Puppy Pie”

Until the advent of Ellie the Hoyt Manor was a household of mutts adopted from various local shelters and Humane Societies. But in the spring of 2013 several ominous happenings converged in a tsunami of puppyness: a trip to Saint Paul, Minnesota with Youngest, the sighting of a truly adorable Italian Greyhound puppy, Oscar-worthy levels of begging from Youngest, and finally, compromised maternal resistance on my part. All of which resulted in the introduction into our household of Rhaella the Dragon Queen (Youngest is heavily into Game of Thrones,) aged just ten weeks and bearing pure bred registration papers.

We lived in Illinois at the time, so the first thing we did was take a two day driving trip with a very confused puppy who made dying goose sounds most of the way home and refused to eat anything but the chicken off a pizza slice. Also, she didn’t know how stairs, doors, or snow worked, poor baby!

When we got home, after the initial barking Darla decided that we’d brought her a new toy and Rue was simply disgusted. Things have not changed must since, except for the part where Ellie now feels that she has to show Darla that she’s the Boss of Her…even though Darla never pays attention.

Ellie makes regular appearances on my Facebook page as Miss Puppy Pie. Stop by and you can see what she’s up to!