Rue was a bargain-priced dog.

The county shelter where we found Rue was celebrating Adopt a Dog month by putting their dogs on half-price sale, which made Rue very attractive indeed. Of course we would have adopted her anyway, but I still like to say she was on sale!

Rue is Queen of the Pack. She makes sure Mr. Hoyt and I get up early every day—weekend or not—to take her on a long walk. She insists that we feed her breakfast and supper (prior to Rue we were a one-dog-meal-a-day family.) She keeps all the other dogs in their place. And she knew from the very first day that the best place for her to sleep was in my bed. Under the covers.

When I’m out walking Rue people frequently ask what breed she is. I usually smile and say she’s a rat terrier, but the truth is that I’m only guessing. Rue was a stray according to the shelter. She certainly looks like she might be a rat terrier. Or possibly a small fox terrier. Some kind of terrier in any event. And she has very expressive ears. Sometimes they are perked up, sometimes they flop backwards and sometimes they fly to the sides, making her look like a helicopter about to take off.