Fairy Tales and Auctions

Happy May Day! I was once fortunate enough to enjoy May Day in Oxford, England (I believe I grumbled when my mother pulled me out of bed early to see the Morris dancers–teenagers are never grateful.)

Unfortunately here in central Illinois it’s gray and damp today. Still too wet to weed (well, without making a muddy mess anyway) and rather chilly too. Brrr! Just as well that I need to stay inside and write.

Today I’m blogging at Grand Central Cafe about fairy tales and To Beguile a Beast.

Also today is the start of Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research. This is a lovely chance for readers to buy autographed books–and arcs!–from their favorite authors and benefit a good cause too. Here are some of the items I’ve donated:

an autographed arc of To Desire a Devil

an autographed Princes trilogy

the first three books of The Legend of the Four Soldiers series

autographed copies of my Julia Harper books: Hot and For the Love of Pete