In the Midst of Melting

Our big snow is melting away bit by bit which makes walking the dogs easier–for me, at least. The dogs don’t care if they have to hop through snow to go on their morning walk. Rue in particular seems to enjoy sticking her entire head in fresh snow to see what’s under there. I took a peek out front, but so far no signs of early snowdrops. In another couple of weeks, perhaps?

I’ve added a new feature to the Extras page–Book of the Month. I’m often asked for my favorite books, what I’m reading now, or for book recommendations. I was also asked to “blurb” several books in 2009 and I thought I’d share some of these and other books I’ve enjoyed recently. January’s Book of the Month is Courtney Milan’s fabulous debut, Proof by Seduction.

I’ve also updated the individual book pages with a “Book Extras” box that lists all the extras for that book on my website. I hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope the new year will bring peace, prosperity, and plenty of reading pleasures.

I’m beginning a new book with the new year–Notorious Pleasures is the second book in the Maiden Lane series and involves the daughter of a duke who has found the perfect man to marry…and then falls for his less than perfect brother. We don’t have a release date for Notorious Pleasures yet (sometime in early 2011 most probably) but the first book in the series, Wicked Intentions, will be out this year in August.

And where exactly is the Wicked Intentions page?! Well, I’m waiting on the book cover to put it up. Hopefully by February!

Finally, the final chapter–and epilogue–of my free novella, The Ice Princess is up!

I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 11 of THE ICE PRINCESS!

I’ve just handed in what I’m hoping is the final revision on my next book, Wicked Intentions, which will be out in August 2010. If you read the excerpt at the back of To Desire a Devil, you’ve already had a taste of Temperance and Lord Caire’s story. Wicked Intentions is the first book in my new Maiden Lane series and I’ve already started work on the second book (tentatively!) titled Notorious Pleasures. I’m hoping that we’ll soon have a cover so I can put up a page for Wicked Intentions with the excerpt and other info. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve posted Chapter 11 of The Ice Princess! This is the second to last chapter–I’ll be finishing up The Ice Princess in December.

I’ve posted a new Real Dog page for Rue, our newest Untrained Dog on the Extras page.

And finally, I have a new website contest up featuring three of Carolyn Jewel’s books.