Copy Edits and More...

The snow has finally arrived here in Minneapolis, Minnesota and as I type the sun is sparkling off white drifts in my backyard. I’m inside all cozy with two dogs on my lap and Darla on her big bed by my chair.

I just got the copy edits for Duke of Sin. Copy edits are the second-to-last step in the editorial process before the book is published–at least at Grand Central Publishing, my publisher. What I actually received in my inbox was three documents. First, an editorial form letter telling me that I really, really ought to read the copyedits (perhaps some authors don’t?) and giving me the date I need to get them back to my editor. Secondly, a “style sheet” for the book, which lists things like the name for every character mentioned in the book (so that we can all agree on the right spelling), esoteric words (almost all my more interesting four-letter words end up here) and words with hyphens that once again I’ve missed. And finally, the manuscript itself, all marked up with the copy editor’s comments and edits. My job is to read through the manuscript and make sure everything is in order.

The reason I tell you all this is because after I’m finished with the copy edits is when I take the excerpts that I put in the newsletter. So if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter (why not?) and you’d like to get a sneak peak at Val’s book before it comes out, subscribe now! I’ll be sending the first excerpt this month.

Meanwhile, Duke of Sin is already available for preorder at most stores including Kindle and Nook and you can of course shelf it on Goodreads by hitting that lovely little green Want to Read button. Why not?


Help Me Name This Dog!

We’re getting close–only a month until the October release of Darling Beast!

In the meantime I’m running a fun contest on Facebook: help me name an all new canine character for my May 2015 book, Dearest Rogue. The winner will receive a Tiffany’s silver charm bracelet worth $300. Do be sure to enter your suggestion in the contest entry form, however, so that it can be counted!


Good Luck!

Win an iPad!

My friends, Jane Porter, Eloisa James, Julia London, and Vanessa Kelly and I have teamed up for an iPad and book giveaway on Facebook. Each week one winner will be chosen to receive a pack of five signed books, one from each author. Then on September 19th one winner will be chosen to receive an iPad! How do you enter? Simply supply your name and email here. By entering the contest you agree to sign up for my newsletter list as well as Jane’s, Julia’s Vanessa’s and Eloisa’s. We will not share your email with anyone else. That’s it! Good luck–and remember that you can enter on each author’s Facebook page and if you share the contest info on your own Facebook page, you’ll get extra entries as well.

Looking for an autographed book? At the beginning of August I made a trip to Minneapolis and did a few drive-by signings. If you visit these bookstores they’ll have books autographed by me:

  • Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America
  • Barnes & Noble downtown Minneapolis
  • Barnes & Noble at Southdale Mall
  • Barnes & Noble at Calhoun Lake
  • Barnes & Noble at Ridgedale Mall
  • Barnes & Noble at Har Mar Mall in St. Paul
  • Barnes & Noble in Highland Park in St. Paul
  • Barnes & Noble in Eagan, MN
  • Barnes & Noble in Burnsville, MN
  • Barnes & Noble in Apple Valley, MN
  • Barnes & Noble in Waterloo, Iowa
  • Barnes & Noble in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Barnes & Noble in Coralville/Iowa City, Iowa
  • Barnes & Noble in Davenport, Iowa
  • Barnes & Noble in Peoria, Illinois
  • And Lake Forest Book Store: Market Square, 680 N. Western Ave, Lake Forest, IL

I have a new Book of the Month up and I’ve added Dodo from Thief of Shadows to the list of Imaginary Dogs.