Books in the Works

The days are getting warmer here in central Illinois. Max, the biggest Untrained Dog, is shedding enough fur to knit a king-sized sweater..except it would be a shaggy gray black sweater that would smell like a dog which I don’t think anyone would want.

I’ve received some letters recently from readers wondering what project I’m working on now and what’s up next after To Desire a Devil in November. A couple of weeks ago I signed a new contract with my publisher (Grand Central Publishing) for three books to be published in 2010 and 2011. I’m writing the first book now of what will be the Maiden Lane series. It’s titled Wicked Intentions. The hero of Wicked Intentions is Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, an emotionless aristocrat searching for the murderer of his mistress. To find the murderer Caire needs the help of Temperance Dews, a proper widow who runs a foundling home in St. Giles. But neither Temperance or Caire are quite what they seem on the surface…

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