The Dog Days of Summer

I’m back home after two weeks in beautiful D.C., first at the RWA national conference and then spending some time in our nation’s capital. I had a wonderful time at the National Art Gallery, dragging my Offspring to see Rembrandts and Vermeers and lecturing them about Boobies Through History. (They were suitably embarrassed.)

The Untrained Dogs had a vacation of their own (although they may not have seen it that way) at their doggie kennel. I think they’re glad to be home, though, and back to their ultra-soft dog beds.

Chapter 7 of The Ice Princess is up, but be warned: this chapter is for adult eyes only! Please do not read this chapter if you are under eighteen years of age.

I’ve posted the third scene excerpt of Chapter 1 from To Desire a Devil. This scene was not included in the excerpt at the back of To Beguile a Beast. I hope you enjoy it!

And I’m giving away my very last arc (advance reader copy) of To Desire a Devil in my website contest. Enter now for a chance to be the first of your friends to read To Desire a Devil!